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What is Qatar Perl Mongers?
Qatar Perlmongers has two aims - to provide free-software users in the Arabian Peninsula area with a forum for education, problem solving, job seeking and advice and project collaboration and secondly to promote the use of open-source technology as an alternative to the commercially available products. It also seeks to develop new software projects of benefit to Qatar and the region and is actively seeking sponsorship at present.

Qatar Perl Mongers is part of the global set of Perl Monger groups.

Forthcoming events

The newsletter sends announcements about IT events around town, and once we've got enough interest, we hope to arrange a regular monthly meeting. Join the mailing list and suggest a venue.

YAPC::Asia::2007 is being held in Tokyo, 4-5 April.

Join the mailing list
To subscribe to the Qatar Perl Mongers mailing list either send an email to :

with the subject or body of the message containing :

or use the web interface at :

Active Perl Mongers in Asia
Here's a list of groups that seem to be active. Let me know if your group has been unintentionally left off:

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